Puppet Up

Potentially perverted puppets on a Friday night? Yes please.

LoriAnn has been chasing the dream for over ten years until coming home to Indie88. You can hear LoriAnn on-air Thursday – Sunday.

Potentially perverted puppets on a Friday night? “Yes please” was my response when a friend asked me to tag along to Puppet Up! Uncensored.

I was a little weary when I found out that it was a improv show. I haven’t had the best experiences with improv, but the puppeteers are so talented I could hardly believe that they were making the sketches up on the spot. As an audience member, I had plenty of opportunity to yell out suggestions for the puppets (hope you can shout louder than I, none of mine were used) and there were a couple instances where I could have been invited on stage (again, failed!) so the interaction was there and it was cool.

Thanks to the audience, we saw the puppets in Rob Ford’s office discovering his crack, and on the set of a porno. Every show is different depending on what you yell out and it makes it a unique experience each time. Maybe I have a thing for puppets, muppets, anything that has a hand shoved up its backside, but I really enjoyed the show, even though there were a few too many tech issues for a professional production. It’s playing at the Panasonic Theatre until November 3rd.

Wondering what to expect? Check out some clips below: