Purity Ring Release New Track + New Album Details

New song, album art, tracklist, release date + more!

After releasing “Push Pull” last month, Purity Ring finally announced the details for their upcoming album, along with a brand new track.

Another Eternity, the follow-up to their 2012 album Shrines, will come out March 3rd. Along with “Push Pull”, it will feature their latest release “Begin Again”, which the duo shared via their tumblr. Give it a listen below:

And incase you want to sing along…

begin again lyrics

Also, here’s a look at the tracklisting and album art for Another Eternity:
1. heartsigh
2. bodyache
3. push pull
4. repetition
5. stranger than earth
6. begin again
7. dust hymn
8. flood on the floor
9. sea castle
10. stillness in woe

purity ring artwork