This Footage of A Multi-Car Pileup on Queen Street Is Like Something Out of A Movie

Be safe out there

Footage posted online of a multi-car pileup on queen street emerged this weekend, and it’s like something out of a frickin’ horror movie.

A cyclist who was passing through the area last week on Queen Street and Jones Avenue witnessed the accident moments before it happened. According the a Reddit chain, the cyclist saw a beige Subaru SUV and a black car collide, involving at least three other vehicles in the crash.

Luckily, it appears nobody was seriously injured in the accident. Take a look at the horrifying footage below:

Saw this from about half a block back. The Subaru had just passed me moments before and it seemed to collide with the black car that hit the light post. Have no idea how all the other cars got to their final resting places. I thought the runner at the beginning was from the black car but I may have imagined that. Whole thing felt like a movie set, kinda surreal. Scary because I was on my bike and could have easily been taken out by all this.

Someone who claimed to be one of the car owners added that there may have been a drunk driver involved:

Actually one of those cars is mine. What happened was there was a drunk driver that hit into a couple of cars. Not sure if it was the Subaru or the truck but he was found sleeping in the car when the cops showed up. My car, with the taxi, was parked there for the night so I’m all good.