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Quentin Tarantino talks scrapped ‘Halloween’ movie

Quentin Tarantino almost directed one of the films in John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise, and the renowned director has now opened up about the scrapped movie.

While talking with Consequence of Sound, Tarantino revealed that he nearly directed Halloween 6 in 1994. Ultimately, Tarantino turned down the film in order to make Pulp Fiction, but he has now explained what he had in store for Halloween 6, which would have addressed the mysterious “Man in Black” at the end of Halloween 5. Tarantino went on to further explain his idea, saying:

“It would have been, if I had done it – I never got hired – but it would have been my job to figure out who the guy in the boots is. I was like, ‘Leave that scene where [the Man in Black] shows up, all right, and freeze Michael Myers.’ And so the only thing that I had in my mind – I still hadn’t figured out who that dude was – was like the first 20 minutes would have been the Lee Van Cleef dude and Michael Myers on the highway, on the road, and they stop at coffee shops and shit and wherever Michael Myers stops, he kills everybody. So, they’re like leaving a trail of bodies on Route 66.”


While he didn’t reveal much more information, Tarantino did go on to critique the other movies in the franchise.

“The sequels were horrible,” Tarantino says. “They’re like fruit from a poison tree because Laurie is not the brother of the Shape. It’s horrible that it does that. There’s something far more scary that he’s going through Haddonfield and it’s just her…I think they just yanked some idea out of their ass, alright, and they just talked themselves into ‘Hey, well, this is why…’ and now part two has a reason.”

Lead photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

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