QUIZ: How Emo Are You?

Are you in touch with your dark emotional side?

Remember when “emo” was a thing? The term itself doesn’t mean much but there seemed to be a trend of bands that shared a certain aesthetic that peaked in the early-mid 2000s. Some have fallen by the wayside while others have survived (or are working on a comeback).

How emo are you? Take this quiz:

1. You secretly got excited when you heard about this tour [Add 3 points]


2. You’ve dyed your hair black [Add 2 points]

Emo Pete

3. You have more than 3 tattoos on the same arm OR a tattoo with song lyrics [Add 5 points]

Emo Tat sleeve

4. You’ve crowd-surfed [Add 7 points]

Emo crowdsurf

5. You own a pair of Vans OR Keds [Add 3 points]

Emo VansKeds

6. You’ve worn guy-liner OR black nail polish [Add 5 points]


7. Any face piercing [Add 3 points]


8. You had to explain to your parents that you’re not a goth Add 3 points]

Emo gothdad

9. You write poetry and scrawl in your journal because you just have so many feelings! [Add 10 points]


10. You still have a Myspace page [Add 3 points]

Emo myspace

11. You can still sing along with these songs [Add 2 points per song]



0-25: NORMIE – Don’t you have a heart?? Look around you at all the beauty and tragedy in the world!!!

25-35: SINGLE TEAR – You remember emo from back in the day but you’ve cut your bangs and moved on.

35-45: WELCOME TO MY LIFE – Why is this even a quiz?? If you don’t love this stuff you just don’t get it!!

45-55: PRIMO EMO! You’re completely in touch with your dark emotional side, and maybe still stuck in 2004.