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R.I.P iPHONE Headphone Jack

You can stop untangling the collection of iPhone headphones that you’ve accumulated in the back seat of your car, because the brand new model is saying good-bye to the 140 year old feature. It’s official: Today Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

At a single glance, the design looks quite similar to last year’s iPhone 6S (and the year before’s iPhone 6), but don’t be so quick to judge. The brand new gadget has a whole new set of features and, as rumoured, does not have a headphone jack. The now water resistant device will have to be paired with wireless Bluetooth headphones or an adapter in order to listen to music.

The downside: (Is there an upside?) Almost everyone has headphones and speakers that were designed to specifically fit the 3.5 mm headphone jack that all previous iPhone devices currently rock. Eliminating this connection will deem these items obsolete, and/or force everyone to carry around an extra adapter just in case.

So why the change? Apple’s ditching the headphone jack in their ever-evolving quest to make the iPhone thinner, simpler, and more durable.

At least you can take a bath with it.

The iPhone 7 will be available for purchase September 16th.

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