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Radiant Baby shares video for airy, groove-driven track ‘Smooth (feat. Ohara Hale)’

Radiant Baby is readying the release of his forthcoming bilingual album Pantomime, which is out on September 24th via Lisbon Lux Records. Today, he’s previewed the album with a video for his new single, “Smooth (feat. Ohara Hale).”

The airy, groove driven single is a delicate collaboration between Radiant Baby and Hale. Ohara Hale lends some sweet vocals and lyrics to this tune, singing the dreamy, melodic chorus in french. Lyrically, “Smooth” is all about fantasy, and describes the story of love at first sight.

“Ohara really inspired me on my musical journey and she was one of the first people in the music scene to give me a chance,” Radiant Baby explains. “She’s the first musician I collaborated with in 2014 after having just started figuring out Ableton. A couple of years ago, we reunited for a long-disctance collaboration, and from her cozy home in the Canary Islands, Ohara recorded vocals for two songs that ended on the album; ‘Smooth’ and ‘Somber Summer.’ I’m really happy we made it work despite being physically separated, I love the result!”

Watch the video for “Smooth (feat. Ohara Hale)” below.

Radiant Baby channels the dreamy, romantic sounds of the ’70s on Pantomime. The 11-track album sees different characters facing the limits of reality, as their forced to confront their fantasies. Striking a curious balance between hope and disillusion Pantomime contrasts performance and love.

On the album’s first single, “Réputation,” Radiant Baby collaborated with Paupière‘s Pierre-Luc Bégin. Paupière’s Julia Daigle also contributed to the lyric writing, and sang on three tracks.

Check out the tracklist for Pantomime below.

Pantomime Tracklist:

01 – “Réputation”
02 – “This Dream”
03 – “Somber Summer (feat. Ohara Hale)”
04 – “Comique”
05 – “Aquagym”
06 – “On The Run”
07 – “Smooth (feat. Ohara Hale)”
08 – “Inconnue”
09 – “Lights Out”
10 – “Diaporama”
11 – “Talkback”

Lead photo courtesy of Ariana Molly.

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