Radiohead’s “Burn The Witch” Video Accused of “Breach of Copyright”

Trumpton TV series brand is "Tarnished"

Radiohead have been accused of ripping off visual elements from the popular 1960s British television show the Trumptonshire Trilogy.

According to William Mollett, the son-in-law of Gordon Murray, the Trumpton series creator, Radiohead’s “Burn The Witch” is a “breach of copyright”.

The music video, which portrays a Paganistic village with demonic motives, is considered as “a tarnishing of the brand,” according to Mollett. He says “Radiohead should have sought our consent,” and that it is “not something we would have authorized”.

Both videos utilize claymation, appear to be set in the same time period and share many similar aesthetics. Compare for yourself below:


Radiohead have also invited a number of visual artists to share their interpretations of A Moon Shaped Pool. The band plans on sharing them over the next couple months. Take a look at some of the first examples below:

A photo posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on

A photo posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on

A photo posted by Radiohead (@radiohead) on

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