Radiohead Confirmed In Studio

Jonny Greenwood confirms Radiohead working on follow-up to King of Limbs

Back in July we were given hope that Radiohead had a new album in the works which was soon followed by cryptic teases from lead singer Thom Yorke on Twitter. Turns out Yorke was promoting his solo effort “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes” which he dropped for free.

Since then there was no news about a follow-up to Radiohead’s 2011 album King of Limbs – until now.

Guitarist Jonny Greenwood has confirmed that Radiohead are in fact in the studio. During an interview, BBC’s David Prever asked Greenwood if his bandmates had left for the studio yet, to which Greenwood replied, “I’m late, they’ve all gone there now. We’re currently playing and recording and it’s fun to see everyone again, it’s been a long time coming, we’ve been waiting all of us for a long time.”

Greenwood elaborates about the band’s status:

It always feels when we start up like we still don’t know really how to do it, and we don’t know quite what to do. ‘Looking down avenues’ is a very kind way of putting the kind of fumbling that we do, mainly because every time we try and do it like the last time – because that worked – it never seems to work. So we talk about different approaches and we’re currently trying a bunch out.

No details have been given about the upcoming album yet, but we’ll keep you posted.