Radiohead Deliver Another Mysterious ‘OK Computer’ Tease

Something's in the works for album's 20th anniversary

Radiohead are teasing something related to their landmark 1997 record OK Computer, we’re just not sure what it is yet. The album’s 20th anniversary is coming up on May 21, and the band tweeted a mysterious video Monday.

The 29-second clip features grainy VHS-esque visuals accompanied by a young girl’s voice reciting lyrics from the song “Climbing Up the Walls” off of OK Computer. This follows a series of posters that popped up in pockets around the world which also teased something related to the band’s third record.

Have a look at the latest tease below.

You have our attention, Radiohead. Clearly, something big is in the works to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest records of all-time.