Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien reveals he has the coronavirus

He's been experiencing flu-like symptoms for 10 days

Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has revealed that he believes he’s contracted COVID-19.

In a new interview with Uproxx‘s Steven Hyden, O’Brien has revealed that he’s been sick for 10 days. The renowned guitarist has been experiencing flu-like symptoms, and even has lost his ability to taste and smell. “I Googled it last night and that’s a classic symptom of the coronavirus,” O’Brien explained. “So, it’s like, okay, I’ve got it.”

O’Brien did share that he has not been tested for COVID-19, “because you can’t get tested here, unless you’re elderly.” Despite that, he and his family have been self-quarantining in their home.

Luckily, O’Brien went on to reveal that he has been feeling better. “For someone like myself, this is just a bad dose of the flu. I’m not in any way in danger,” O’Brien explained. “I basically sat outside all day because the weather is glorious. It’s the first sunshine we’ve had this spring. It’s not a bad place to be.”