Radiohead Release New Album A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead release their ninth album

After weeks of lead-up hype and releasing two songs, Radiohead’s ninth album is here. A Moon Shaped Pool contains 11 tracks and appeared on Google Play briefly before being taken down. We expect the album to be available for streaming and purchase within a few hours.

Listen on Indie88
Stay tuned to Indie88 Monday night at 8pm to hear the album in entirety. You can listen by tuning in to 88.1 FM in Toronto or live stream here.

Album art

Track listing
01 Burn the Witch
02 Daydreaming
03 Decks Dark
04 Desert Island Disk
05 Ful Stop
06 Glass Eyes
07 Identikit
08 The Numbers
09 Present Tense
10 Tinker Tailor Soldier Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man Thief
11 True Love Waits