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Data Reveals Radiohead’s Saddest Song

Radiohead has time and time again given us some of the most depressing songs like “Creep” and “Street Spirit,” but science is here to prove which one of Radiohead’s songs makes us ugly cry the most.

Data scientist Charlie Thompson has gathered information based on lyrics and Spotify’s API to determine Radiohead’s saddest song of all time.

Spotify has a metric to determine a song’s “valence,” in this case, it measures the emotional response we have to songs, either happy or sad.

After reviewing that both “True Love Waits” and “We Suck Young Blood” had one of the lowest valence scores out of all of Radiohead’s songs, Thompson then decided to look at the lyrics using a Gloom Index to determine the sadness of the song based on the emotional impact the lyrics have.

Measured from from 1 to 100, 1 being the saddest and 100 being the happiest,”True Love Waits” scored a 1 on the Gloom Index, making it the saddest Radiohead song.

The song is apparently about Tom Yorke’s relationship with his former partner, Rachel Owen, who passed away last December battling cancer.

Check out the video for “True Love Waits” from their album A Moon Shaped Pool below.

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