Rage Against the Machine Launch Countdown Clock Website

Could a comeback be on the way?

It’s been sixteen long years since Rage Against the Machine called it quits, but this summer might finally see their highly-anticipated reunion finally happen.

Last night, RATM launched the website prophetsofrage.com which, according to Pitchfork, included a countdown leading to June 1st.

Users were able to sign up for the anonymous movement through email, which then sent subscribers a photo with lyrics from Public Enemy’s 1988 song “Prophets of Rage”.

It reads: “Clear the way for the prophets of rage“.


The image from the website was also posted on a building in L.A.

The website crashed recently and is currently unavailable due to the high traffic volume.

Recently, RATM’s Zack de la Rocha collaborated with Run The Jewels for the song “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)”, listen to it below.

(Main photo courtesy of Rage Against The Machine via Facebook)