Raina’s Favourite Songs That Came Out In 2013

Here are some of my absolute favourite tracks from the past year

These songs are not necessarily the DEFINITIVE BEST of 2013 – they’re just the ones I was really digging.


The National – Humiliation (Probably my most played track of 2013. Absolutely gorgeous, painful, and full of beautiful lyrics. Just throw it on repeat and cry yourself to sleep or something.)

The Zolas – Invisible (A follow up track to last year’s fantastic album Ancient Mars… if you don’t dance to this, you might be broken.)

Pup – Reservoir (The song I moshed to the most times this year, for sure.)

Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey (One of the best songs off one of the year’s best albums, Modern Vampires of the City – “Ya Hey” demonstrates the flawless, shiny production and the clever songwriting that made this record so good.)


The Darcys – The River
(Dark, intense, moody, and sexy. And when you see them live, even more so.)


Hollerado – Fresno Chunk/Digging With You
(Some of their most ambitious musical storytelling. And it made me want to drive through the desert forever, so there’s also that.)


Weaves – Motorcycle
(The award for best super-indie-local track of 2013 goes to Weaves, who I saw play in a sweaty basement during NXNE. Watch out for them in 2014. They’re awesome.)


Portugal. The Man
– Creep In A T-shirt (Just put this on whenever you feel self-conscious and you need a confidence boost. It works. I swear.)

Honourable Mention:

Alt-J – Breezeblocks (Technically this came out at the end of 2012. I was late to the party… but eventually I *GOT* to the party and now I hope the party never ends.)