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Raina’s Reason for the Repeat Button

You know when you find a song and you just can’t get enough? A track that you’ll start over before it’s even done because you never want it to end? The song that becomes the reason for the repeat button? Here I’ll tell you what song I’ve been listening to over and over again – new or old – and why you should check it out.


You, me, and everyone have those moments when we feel inadequate. Self-conscious. When we don’t even KNOW who we are because we’re trying to impress other people and we’re worried about what they’ll think.

Next time you find yourself feeling like that – put on this one from San Diego band THE SOFT PACK. This song is a laundry list of advice on how you can FEEL BETTER and how being YOU and doing YOU friggin’ rules.

“You got a rabbit in your hat
You got a few tricks up your sleeve
Don’t get stuck in a rut or stuck in the same
Yeah, you got exactly what you need

You got a talent, don’t you know?
You’re more talented than you know
And you give it a shot and give it the time
You’d be surprised how far it goes”

YES, THIS SONG, YES! It’s a mantra! It’s a meditation! It’s the world’s fastest therapy session. This song is the musical equivalent of this scene from Cool Runnings:

And even when they acknowledge the futility of the situation that hey, things might not work out — “I think I’m gonna die before I see my time” — they decide TRY IT ANYWAY.

So if you’re feeling unsure of yourself, if you need that motivational speech, that CONFIDENCE that YOU can DO IT… put this song on and remember that you have YOU in your corner and really, that’s all that matters. Hold yourself responsible for you – don’t let other people do it for you.

Oh, and if that all sounds really cheesy, it’s a really fucking fun garage rock song too. Get ready to air guitar yourself into the best day of YOUR DANG LIFE.

From their 2010 self-titled record, The Soft Pack is the Reason for the Repeat Button this week with “ANSWER TO YOURSELF”.

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