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Raina’s Reason for the Repeat Button – “Ocean”

It would make sense for Cousins to choose the ocean for an extended metaphor as they’re from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and it would be easy for a lesser band to fall into cliches. It’s definitely not the first time love has been compared to an ocean. But Cousins do it masterfully.

From the moment they hit that first key on the piano, and the drums start to roll – this song never stops moving. It has this unstoppable forward momentum, pushing you forward and building anticipation – listen! Don’t you feel like something BIG is going to happen? This is the kind of song that fills you up until you’ve almost got too much. The kind of song where you don’t even realize that you’re short of breath, that’s you’re smiling for no reason, that your heart is swelling like a wave. This song is what falling in love SOUNDS LIKE.

And oh! The lyrics! The LOVE isn’t just as big as the ocean, the PERSON they love — is as big as the ocean. And when you’re falling in love, isn’t that what it feels like? YOUR LOVE (both the abstract idea– the feeling… and the PERSON) SEEMS SO ENORMOUS! So boundless! So unfathomably deep and mysterious and EXCITING… as “big and as deep as the ocean – with colours as rich as the ocean!” You want to explore it, learn all about it, set sail without a map and see where you end up.

The ocean can be scary, though, too – just like love. It might be safer to stick with a lake: something without the depth and the possible danger… it might be safer to hold back, to settle, to guard yourself from heartbreak. But why? “A lake’s too small. No, a lake’s got nothing at all.” The ocean, on the other hand, is full of so much vibrant life. It’s deep, massive and risky, but the possibilities are endless! And an ocean has a power of its own, like love. It’s bigger than you, it’s bigger than everything. Why would you ever choose the lake when you could have an ocean?

So… if you’re sitting on the edge, if you’re waiting on the beach… put this song on. Don’t hesitate. Take the plunge, and, as frontman Aaron Mangle wails, just “SWIIIIM!” — AND LET THAT LOVE WASH OVER YOU LIKE THE BIGGEST WAVE!

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