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Raina’s Reason For The Repeat Button – “Put a Light On”

What is it about hot summer nights that makes your remember the LIGHTS? The baseball diamond lights at the park, the bonfires, flashlights in the woods, fireflies in the field, patio lanterns on the porch – the stars? You might be getting close to the end of August but you’re not done yet. There’s still time for one more summer night adventure, and it makes sense to make Generationals’ “Put A Light On” the song that kicks it off.

This song starts right when the sun sets. It’s warm, it’s a little muggy. The moths and the bugs are out. Maybe you’re having a drink or two with your friends. There’s an energy in the air. You hear the high, anticipatory trill of crickets at the beginning, and then that one note strumming. Another guitar joins in, then hand claps, the vocals; the drums and the chimes and things start to move. You can feel it. Something is happening. It’s one of *THOSE NIGHTS*.

You know the kind of night I mean? When you feel like you’re ready for anything, and the night seems long and deep and full of adventure? This song is for when you want to “run away tonight” and go pool hopping, or fence climbing, or skinny dipping, or tree climbing. Those nights where maybe you fall in love with someone you just met, or dance barefoot with your best friends around a campfire, or lay on a dock under the stars talking for hours.

Those are the nights you look back on in the winter when you’re stuck in your house and summer seems infinitely far off. Or when you’re older and you and those friends have grown up and moved away and you can’t stay out all night dancing or running or laughing too loud. When those lights seem like a magical, distant, exuberant memory.

When they sing “the sun will make them dry” – it’s a reminder that when the sun comes up, when the night’s over, the real world will be back. But for now, while it’s still dark, while it’s still warm, just go! You still have time! Put a light on!

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