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Raina’s Reason for the Repeat Button

You know when you find a song and you just can’t get enough? A track that you’ll start over before it’s even done because you never want it to end? The song that becomes the reason for the repeat button? Here I’ll tell you what song I’ve been listening to over and over again – new OR old – and why you should check it out.

Who are The Growlers? They’re a band from California, typically described as ‘Beach Goth’ (which, honestly, should be enough to get you interested) – but they branch out into folky psychedelia. Somehow, they weren’t on my radar until recently, when a good friend of mine sat me down and played me their entire 2012 album Hung At Heart.

And thank goodness he did that, because the whole record is awesome. It’s the perfect lazy, hazy summer album. The track that’s got me in its clutches, though, is number two: “Naked Kids”. It’s in this track where you can really hear the poetry in The Growlers’ lyrics – the line “I forgive you friend, forgive me and we can be in love again” is such a simple, lovely, melancholy request. I miss you, I’m sorry, I’ll always love you – if you’ll let me, let’s try again. If you won’t forgive me… I’ll still be there.

The whole thing may give you a mildly mysterious, sun-setting-in-the-desert vibe. Put on your poncho, and take off your shoes, it’s time to go a-wandering.

The Growlers – Naked Kids

Fun fact: Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys was originally in to produce Hung In The Heart but after working together for a bit, The Growlers decided his production wasn’t what they were going for, and they broke off the engagement. Dan’s version of another song, “One Million Lovers” leaked and you can compare them here:

The Growlers – One Million Lovers (Album Version)

The Growlers – One Million Lovers (Dan Auerbach Version)

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