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Raina’s Top Shops for Vintage Threads in Toronto

Vintage Crawl Toronto is happening this Thursday! Tons of stores all over Toronto participate in the event that happens from 7pm-12am. Here are a few of my favouites shops to check out:


After doing its time as a pop-up shop around town, 96 Tears has finally settled into its forever-home in Parkdale. It’s a smaller, well-curated shop – if you’re the type who has a tough time finding the gems in a bigger, warehouse-like vintage store, this is the place for you. They also do their own alterations and you may just catch a photoshoot in progress in the studio at the back!


A brand new shop joining the vintage leagues on Queen West, Siberia is proof that less is more. The selection may not be huge, but you can tell each piece is there for a reason. Not just clothes, you’ll find accessories of all types, too.

Penny Arcade

Located at Dundas and Ossington, Penny Arcade is beautifully curated, and the owner is incredibly friendly. Plus – all the tags have funny things on them that make you want to buy ALL THE STUFF. This is ALWAYS my first stop if I’m searching for new threads. You will covet it all. BEWARE! IT’S THE BEST!

Sub Rosa

In my opinion, one of the best thrift shops in Kensington… you get the eclectic Kensington feel, with all the weird odds and ends – but they put the real trendy stuff up at the front so you don’t have to go digging. But you should still definitely go digging.

A Homerun

Also in Kensington, but it’s kind of the anti-Kensington. This place has a boutique feel, lots of blouses and an AMAZING (and amazingly priced!) jewelry selection. It’s beautifully curated and is also where I’ve gotten some of my best floral print pieces. And their Instagram is awesome.


The best place for getting your 90s on. If you wanna look like an extra from 90210, this is the place to go. But it’s not all flowery dresses and miniskirts – I once bought the MOST GLORIOUS onesie from Chosen… rhinestones AND tassles. Unreal. The staff is also awesome and knowledgeable. They dressed me for the Polaris gala and I will never stop loving them.

Courage My Love

Great for 60s stuff and feeling like you’ve gone back in time. When I’m in Kensington I’m always sure to make a stop in here for beads and incense. You know, for when you wanna get groovy.


They just moved to a new, bigger spot on Queen W., near Trinity Bellwoods Park. Great mix of new and vintage items, and bonus points for great deals on cool sunglasses and pins and patches from independent designers.

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