Raine Maida shares how NFTs will revolutionize music and art

The Our Lady Peace frontman joined The Josie Dye Show to talk about NFTs and how a new app could empower creators

Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida joined the Josie Dye Show to shed some light on the non-fungible token (NFTs) craze, and how it could revolutionize the world of art and music.

Maida is the Chief Product Officer of a new app called S!NG, the world’s first free mobile application designed to instantly mint NFTs to sell or license online. The app is designed to allow creators to turn ideas into NFTs and store them in a digital portfolio. The band plans to release a bonus single from their upcoming record Spiritual Machines II as an NFT.

Listen to the full interview with Maida to find out more about what NFTs are, and how they could impact artists and creators: