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Rancho Relaxo Is Turning Into a Two Storey British Pub

Legendary Mexican food palace and venue Rancho Relaxo is rolling it’s very last burrito for the very last time August 15th. After nearly 20 years of serving up Mexican-style comfort food on the ground floor and hosting bands as a venue on the upper level, 300 College street will soon be the home of a new British pub.

It wasn’t that long ago, back in April when the restaurant underwent a thorough renovation and a higher end menu overhaul, rebranding themselves as Rancho Relaxo Cantina. The customers didn’t react as well as they hope claims over Donnie Blais: “The old clientele didn’t like the new menu, and they missed the Mexican blankets on the tables. It didn’t appeal to any of the new crowd.”

The upstairs venue will also continue as new, with booker Dan Wolovick being replaced by Dan Burke from the Silver Dollar. The new bar The Old Laurel will continue hosting live music and DJ’s upstairs with an upgraded sound system.

Rancho Relaxo will live on however in the form of a food truck, serving fish tacos and quesadillas, with both vegan and vegetarian options.

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