Rancho Relaxo’s Sign Was Traded For An Extra Large Pizza

What might be the best bargain in Toronto history

How much would you trade for a piece of Toronto Music History? Apparently all it takes is extra large pizza.

Davy Love, the new owner of 300 College St. where Rancho Relaxo (Cantina) used to be, auctioned the infamous Rancho sign using the online trading / bartering site Bunz Trading Zone.

After posting to the trading site, Love received a number of offers, but settled for an XL pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. Love’s in the middle of tearing down the Mexican-themed, Toronto staple, and is replacing it with a British-fare pub called The Old Laurel.


If you’re not familiar with Bunz Trading Zone, it’s a closed community (by invite only) on Facebook that uses the old fashioned way of business to trade pretty much anything for anything, — with a strict no money policy. So if you find yourself in need of a new couch, check your pantry, there’s probably someone out there willing to trade you something strange, like a jar of pickles for it.


Editors note: We’re sorry to any BUNZ traders out there for the added attention this may bring the site: we know until recently BUNZ has operated relatively under the radar of most Torontonians.

(Main Photo courtesy Zomato)