Apparently Randy Newman Wrote A Song About Trump’s Dick

It never left the recording room floor

Next month, the beloved composer and singer-songwriter of many of our favourite childhood songs, Randy Newman, will release his first solo album in nearly a decade.

Taking a break from scoring movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and most recently Cars 2, Newman plans to release Dark Matter, an album that lightly deals with darker subject matter. The album will include songs like “Putin,” a song inspired by the famous photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin riding a horse shirtless.

However, as Spin reports, Newman left out one song that was written about Donald Trump’s penis. Newman said it “was too easy,” adding “I just didn’t want to add to the problem of how ugly the conversation we’re all having is, so I didn’t put it out.”

He then shared block of lyrics he could remember from the unreleased song:

My dick’s bigger than your dick
It ain’t braggin’ if it’s true
My dick’s bigger than your dick
I can prove it too
There it is! There’s my dick
Isn’t that a wonderful sight?
Run to the village, to town, to the countryside
Tell the people what you’ve seen here tonight

And according to Pitchfork, he says the chorus went something like “‘What a dick!’ Duh-duh-duh. ‘What a dick!’”

Now just try singing those lyrics along to this:

Image courtesy Earl McGehee via Flickr