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Rare copy of Sex Pistols’ first single anticipated to sell for thousands at auction

The Sex Pistols are known for starting the punk rock movement way back when. Recently, a rare copy of their first single on vinyl has been discovered and is set to fetch thousands at an auction this week.

The “God Save The Queen” record will be up for auction at Wessex Auction Rooms at Westbrook Farm in Chippenham on November 1st. It is expected to be bid at the price range of £12,000-£15,000, which is approximately $17,000 – $22,000.

The vinyl is unique because it is one of only ten surviving copies of the band’s first single on record, which was made to correspond with the band’s record label signing in 1977. The band had signed their recording contract outside of Buckingham Palace, was a publicity stunt that was made famous. Shortly after, it was seen as controversial and the contract was cancelled, leading to all copies of the single to be destroyed by the record label.

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