Rare early demo of David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ set to go up for auction

It's expected to sell for more than $15,000

A rare and early demo of David Bowie’s hit track “Starman” is set to go up for auction.

The tune helped ignite the Ziggy Stardust persona, as the single release even came accompanied by the legendary Top Of The Pops performance. Bowie recorded an early demo of the tune and delivered it to Spiders From Mars guitarist and famous producer, Mick Ronson. Ronson then sent it to his pal, Kevin Hutchinson, who has recovered the reel to reel tape.

“I found it and got my old tape recorder out of the loft as well and threaded the tape into the machine,” Hutchison explained, according to Clash Magazine. “We couldn’t believe it when we heard it. It’s superb.”

The “Starman” demo is set to be sold at an auction tomorrow (March 12) at Merseyside’s Omega Auctions, where it is anticipated to sell for more than £10,000, which is equivalent to about $15,000 CAD.