Recycling Plant Employee Finds $100K in an Old TV

One man's trash was actually the first man's treasure

Employees at Global Electronic Processing, a Barrie, Ontario, recycling centre, found more than $100,000 inside an old television after an employee found a cash box with bank records going as far back as 1985.

After contacting police, the money was traced back to a 68-year-old man in Bolsover, Ontario, who had inherited the money from his parents, and decided to store it away inside his television set for “a rainy day,” where else could you possibly store a large sum of cash like that?

Forgetting all about his money, the television was given to a family friend 30 years ago, who had no idea about the treasure stored inside, and eventually brought the television in to be recycled.

After more than a year that the television set was dropped off at the recycling center, employees only got around to dismantling the set last month, and that’s when they found the money inside.

We’re glad the money was able to get back to its rightful owner, but hopefully he makes a trip to the bank real soon to open up a savings account.

Image via gothopotam/Flickr