Reddit Users Spill Their Restaurant Horror Stories

How about a soda fountain of bugs?

Most of us have probably found a hair in our food at one point or another. But have you ever taken a bite into a maggot-infested burger? Or felt a rat scurrying around under your table? Me neither, but after you read these stories, you’ll be convinced that this could happen. Try not to squirm as you read our list of restaurant horror stories below, as told by reddit users.

1. Happy birthday, now pay for your cake

One reddit user (hobbitlover) describes being given a slice of birthday cake on their birthday and getting charged for it later.


2. Soda with a side of bugs

According to another reddit user, the nozzle on a soda dispenser fell off and out crawled more bugs than you should ever see at a place of eating.


3. A pinch of fruit flies, to taste

Here’s a tip for chefs: when a customer finds a bug in their food, please don’t pass it off as an herb. Herbs don’t have legs.


4. Recycled Rice

According to this reddit user, they actually witnessed a restaurant staff pour used bowls of rice back into the rice cooker for reuse.


5. The whole package

Imagine being served a brownie with the whole package baked into it.


6. It’s Just Gravy

This is a classic case of knowing what you saw and being told you’re wrong. According to this reddit user, the person witnessed old, used up oil being served as gravy on french fries.


7. Chicken without Chicken

When you order butter chicken, wouldn’t you expect to get chicken? Apparently, this restaurant didn’t think so.


8. A mouth full of glass

Next time you order a burrito, be sure to ask for no glass.


9. Grasshopper Salad

Bugs in food is fine when it’s an intentional ingredient. However, ordering a regular salad and finding a dead grasshopper in it..not so fine.