RedeCan recalls pot from the OCS after reports of mould and bugs surfaced

Customers who purchased the cannabis will get a refund

Ontario cannabis producer RedeCan has just recalled over 900 ounces of their product from the Ontario Cannabis Store after a set of complaints from customers surfaced.

According to the claims, OCS customers were finding both mould and bugs in RedeCan Pharm’s product. As a result, the company decided to voluntarily recall 7,400 bottles of its 3.5 gram “B.E.C.” strain, which you were able to buy for $27.90 on the OCS website. As of Thursday afternoon, the product was no longer available on the online store.

Redecan : Contaminated facility (BUGS BUGS BUGS) from r/TheOCS

According to a statement from RedeCan, it was made aware of five complaints of mould in product lot 4B2L3, which allegedly had been “rigorously inspected and tested by an independent third-party lab” prior to shipment. As a result, they performed a Type II voluntary recall of the lot, which refers to cases when the use of a certain product can cause temporary health consequences, but the likelihood of serious health problems is quite low.

“[The recall will] allow us to conduct a thorough examination and testing,” the statement read. “All testing will be conducted by an independent third party to understand at what point in the process moisture could have been introduced and mould could have grown.”

RedeCan also urges consumers not to use cannabis product that contains mould, and to go to a doctor if they consume mouldy weed and get sick.

Additionally, the Crown corporation stated that it will issue refunds to customers and charge them back to Redecan.