Rehearsal Spaces in Toronto

Wanna jam?

Finding a place to jam in the city can be tough. Practicing at home is a well-tested strategy for alienating neighbours, testing your landlord’s patience, and destroying roommate relationships, so the best bets are often dedicated rehearsal studios, strategically fitted for all your noisy heart’s desires. We scoured the city to find eight rehearsal studios eager to receive you and all your loudest preferences


As a venue for new music concert and workshop events and home base to a new chamber repertory ensemble, Array Music functions as a crucial hub for the city’s contemporary classical music communities. Offering the space up for rehearsal purposes, Array further incubates new ideas and fosters ongoing innovation in the sphere, providing a quiet studio environment perfect for non-rockists. Base studio rentals only cover use of the space itself, but a piano, a drum kit, and PA systems are also available for additional fees.

Location: 155 Walnut Ave.
Rate: $21/hour (Monday through Thursday), $31 per hr. Friday through Sunday, block bookings of 10+ hours receive 15% discount.



There are plenty of businesses in the city willing to let you get loud in their space for about $20, but those deals usually come with caveats involving volume competitions with noisy neighbours. The Best Deal in Town makes a good case for its name by offering clients acoustically treated rooms with walls that are two-feet-thick, preventing sound bleed and ensuring your own sound quality. Perhaps also of interest for some musicians: each studio is equipped with six ashtrays.

Location: 23 Polson St.
Rate: $15-20/hour (minimum two hours); call for more information



Pro Rehearsal and Backline owners/operators Bruce Moffet and Kathy Anonsen recently rebranded, splitting the businesses’ services between two sister companies. Musicians can now access the same rehearsal facilities previously enjoyed by the likes of City and Colour, Lights, and Weezer at their two Cherry Jam studios, while PRB proper will continue to field backline needs.

Location: 33 Villiers St., 154 Islington Ave.
Rate: $20/hour



Decibel House’s Etobicoke facilities have played host to a lengthy list of clients including artists as varied as the Constantines, the Roots, and Tricky. Each of their four rehearsal facilities come standard with a five-piece drum kit, bass amp, two guitar amps, a P.A. and vocal microphones. Visit their website for a comprehensive list of room specs and gear availability.

Location: 244 Brockport Dr.
Rate: $20-40/hour, $75-100/three hours

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Logging two hours at Groove Room’s rehearsal studios will cost you par for most jam spaces in the city, but drummers should note the specially equipped drum studio that charges just $20 for the same time. Monthly rehearsal space is also available, starting at $300.

Location: 15 Towns Rd.
Rate: Starting at $40 (two hours)



With three locations downtown and another out in Etobicoke, the Rehearsal Factory is easily the most ubiquitous rehearsal studio in town, but be wary of their infamous noise bleeds

Location: 178 Front St. E., 660 Richmond St. W., 322 & 330 Geary Ave., 160 Islington Ave.
Rate: $15-30/hour, $250+/month



Voodoo Records functions as the multi-purpose headquarters of producer “Mike D” Dmitrovich’s label and distribution business, as well as a rehearsal complex and full production recording facility. So if you’re particularly pleased with a rehearsal, the means to record aren’t far away.

Location: 124 Crockford Blvd.
Rate: Call or email for more information

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XYZed Studios is another all-in-one shop musicians can access to rehearse or record, offering service packages that bundle rehearsal and recording time. There’s also the 16×25 green screen live floor area, which is a good resource for local music video shoots.

Location: 80 Colville Rd.
Rate: “Flexible depending on client’s needs” (email for more information)


(Main image from Cherry Jam Rehearsal)