Report: Netflix abandoning binge model for weekly releases with some shows

A move to combat the arrival of Disney's new streaming service?

Netflix effectively changed the way people consume television shows when it debuted its binge model, releasing an entire season of a show at a time. With the arrival of Disney+ just a couple of months away, it looks like the streaming service may be borrowing a page out of Disney’s strategy.

Disney+ will not be deploying the binge model for its shows like Star Wars: The Mandalorian, or the plethora of Marvel series it has lined up. Instead, Disney will release new episodes on a week-to-week basis, much like ye olde television networks. Now, it appears Netflix is leaning on the weekly release model for at least some of its shows. reports that the new season of The Great British Baking Show is the first Netflix original series to get the weekly release treatment. Additionally, Rhythm & Flow, a music competition series will also see episodes released in groups on a weekly basis.

Yay or nay for Netflix experimenting with a weekly release model?