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Report: Update on Gay Couple Attacked Near High Park on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for loved ones to get together and give thanks for the things they’re grateful for, but for Trung Nguyen and his boyfriend Tyler, the holiday was cut short.

On Saturday October 8th, a disturbing story emerged on Facebook, when Nguyen took to the social media website to share the story behind how he sustained his concerning injuries.

Dear friends and family,

Last night Tyler and I were followed and attacked on our way home from a Thanksgiving dinner….

Posted by Trung Nguyen on Saturday, October 8, 2016

After the post went viral, receiving nearly 10,000 likes and 7,000 shares, as well as this reddit thread, it has become the subject of a police investigation, making quite the impression over social media. Many commenters have labeled the alleged attack as hate crime, while others criticized police for not handling it appropriately. And as of last night, articles are being published claiming the victim’s original recollection was fabricated.

In the post, Nguyen claims he and his partner were randomly attacked after trying to walk away from an unfriendly stranger. He also claims the police did not believe their story and was discouraged them from pursuing it further.

Yesterday, City News published an article claiming the incident may not have happened the way it was originally disclosed. The source spoke to alleged witness named Katie, a server at The Wicket.

“Basically, as my friends and I were standing on the sidewalk having a cigarette, three guys ran past us and smacked us on the ass,” Katie told City News. “They all seemed to be laughing and having a good time. We assumed they were together.” They continued running, she said, and attempted to climb a chain fence when one of them fell.

Yesterday, Nguyen posted an updated status to Facebook thanking everyone for the support and spoke on why the he took to social media in the first place.

“My intention was simple: we were attacked, and I was voicing sadness and frustration for not getting justice or a chance to be heard,” he said.

No matter what happened, we hope that everyone is able to heal physically, as well as emotionally. What are your thoughts on the alleged incident and how it was handled?

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