This Rescued Beaver Playing in a Pool is Having the Ideal Canadian Summer

What a cute, Canadian tail, eh?

There’s nothing like cooling off in the pool on long, hazy Canadian summer days – and this baby beaver is making us very jealous.

Watch the cute clip in the player above.

Wildlife conservationists in Alberta are exploring the details behind why this adorable baby beaver was found injured on a Calgary golf course last month. The Canadian critter was found alone, far from the water, with a wounded tail, according to the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC).

“Our suspicion is that he was picked up by a predator and then dropped,” Holly Duvall, executive director of the AIWC, told Global News.

The beaver is estimated to be between four and six weeks old, and even though the poor guy sustained some injuries, Duvall says he seems to be adjusting well to his new surroundings.

No doubt! The little guy seems to be enjoying the relaxing vacation, by gaining weight and splashing around in the pool! Seems like a nice getaway to us.

The AIWC is exploring other organizations and different possibilities for the beaver’s long-term care. “If all goes well, we anticipate that we’ll have to have him in care for two to three years,” Duvall said. “For now, he’s doing really well, and we’re very happy about that.”