Restaurants Follow Up On Last Year’s Dress Code Warning

Progress has been made since the OHRC checked in on popular restaurants a year ago

The Ontario Human Rights Commission have checked in on restaurants that were warned a year ago to update their dress codes, and the reports came back generally positive.

This time last year, restaurants like the Keg and Earls Restaurants were notified that forcing women employees to wear skirts and dresses with no pants option, as well as heels and low-cut tops, could infringe on the human rights code. These warnings were combined with a call to women employees in the restaurant industry to speak up about their experiences with dress codes.

The human rights commission said the following in a statement:

“The response from companies was encouraging with all of them either developing new policies or amending existing ones.”

Women’s Issues Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris told the Toronto Star that “places of work should not be demanding that women wear something they’re not comfortable wearing.”

Although progress has been reportedly made in regards to dress codes, the OHRC stresses that much needs to be done to encourage women to speak up about restaurant policies and dress codes.

Image courtesy London Knights