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Retirees Make Wallace and Gromit Style Breakfast Making Machine

Two retired men had some time on their hands and decided to make a contraption that would make their wives the perfect breakfast. Peter Browne, 69 worked with his friend Marvyn Huggett to create this fantastical contraption.

The machine named the ‘Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine’ makes one hard boiled egg, a piece of toast, a cup of either coffee or tea and delivers the morning paper. At the end of the meal there is even a button to clear the table.

Browne who has a background as an airline pilot and silversmith did the mechanical work while Huggett did the electronic work. The duo reported that it took them roughly 1000 hours to complete the project. In the video Browne says that, “the main thing is to make people laugh.” He continues stating that while they wanted it “to look silly, but the main thing is it obviously, has to work well.” That it does.

Check out the video above.

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