Reuben and the Dark | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Watch Reuben and the Dark perform songs from their new record "Arms Of A Dream", his most vivid and transformative music to date, live at Indie88.

Released this month on Arts & Crafts, Reuben and the Dark’s sophomore album Arms of a Dream finds the band exploring new sonic territory. While their first record embraced a more lo-fi approach, Arms Of A Dream seeks a more polished studio sound. Frontman Reuben Bullock spent three years working on songwriting, distilling the best ideas down to the album’s eleven tracks.

“These songs are extensions of something inside of me and writing them was a test of self-reflection,” Bullock explains. “I closed my eyes and wrote down what I saw, trying to capture feeling as it floods and fades. A lot of production went into this album, but it still feels so raw to me. These words are my skin. These songs are my siblings.”