Rhye is planning a new EP, album, and screenplay

Frontman Mike Milosh is doing a little bit of everything

Alternative, genre-bending R&B group Rhye has announced that he’s working on an EP, album, and screenplay.

Earlier this year, Rhye released their second record, Blood. Now, according to an interview with Billboard Radio China, Rhye is working on an EP that will be released in February 2019, which already includes five tracks that center around the piano. Simultaneously, the group is working on another full-length album.

Frontman and producer Mike Milosh also revealed that he may be branching into other artistic fields. Milosh is currently working on a screenplay, which he’s aiming to get made into a full length feature film.

When asked about what’s in the future, Milosh didn’t hesitate to highlight a variety of creative endeavours. “Releasing new music, shooting more videos,” the well-rounded creative explains. “I’m working on a screenplay, so I want to shoot a feature film. I’m doing a lot of photography. I’m kind of like a workaholic in a way”