Rich In The Six: This Mystery Man is Leaving $1000 Chips Around Toronto

One Toronto man is making a game out of giving back

You know that feeling of finding a $10 bill on the ground? Now imagine that, and multiply it by 100, because one mysterious Toronto man has designed a city-wide scavenger hunt to do exactly that.

How? The Rich in the 6 scavenger hunt lets people search for tokens that are redeemable for $1000. There’s no catch at all, anyone can join in and anyone can solve it. Every 2-3 days clues are dropped on the Rich in The 6 website for players to find the monthly token. Once players find the token, they can enter the serial number found on the back of the token to the website. They just need to pose for a photo for their social media and the money becomes theirs. This month he also gave away Toronto Maple Leafs and Blue Jays tickets as a buffer between contests.

This project is part of the “World Money Tour” – a way of giving back and bringing a bit of positivity to the city, the game designer explains it. Rather than give it out “randomly”, the contest aims to make fun with charity. He plans on bringing the “World Money Tour” to other cities such as Vancouver, New York and L.A.

We reached out to ask this mystery man a couple questions about this contest, check out what he had to say below:

You’re planning on bringing the World Money Tour to other cities in North America, why are you so determined to bring this tour around?
“It gives me a reason to visit other cities, and do good deeds in the process. After seeing what it has been doing for the people of Toronto, I think it would be great to expand out of North America as well. Over the last couple weeks, I have received hundreds of messages and emails thanking me for what I am doing, and how I am bringing people together by giving them something to do in groups, and giving them a great reason to get out of the house. I have heard of people spending hours walking around and exploring new places in the city with their friends, and I think that’s great. If I can get the same affect going in the other Cities, then I will feel good about that. I would try to hide 3-4 tokens at a time, so I don’t need to travel to these cities too often – even though I’d like too..”

$1000, Jays tickets, Leafs tickets are certainly not cheap… what compelled you give out such huge gifts
“Giving out tickets is just something I am doing this month because the first 2 tokens were found very quickly. Those will give me a chance to practice clue difficulty. I actually had the tickets given to me from a friend who knows what I am doing, and he wanted to do his part to help out. The $1000 comes from my personal money. I wanted the prize to be meaningful and something that appeals to everyone. I’m not even really sure how I got the idea. It just came to me; I liked it, and didn’t look back. I mentioned the idea to a few people before starting, and they loved it, which helped with my decision.”

It’s hard to believe that one singular person with no motive other than to give back is handing out thousands of dollars on the street to strangers. What are you to say to people who are skeptical?
They really have nothing to lose. I’m not asking for membership fees, the only thing I ask for is permission to put their photo on the site (which I hope shows legitimacy). If you are on the train to work/school, bored at work/school, or even want something fun to do with your friends, sign up and look at the clues. It takes a couple minutes of your day, and if you happen to figure it out, then you just made $1000 from solving a riddle. Not a bad deal if you ask me..

If you want to be a part of the scavenger hunt and try your luck at finding the $1000, check out the Rich In the 6 website.