Richard Reed Parry | Collective Arts Black Box Sessions

Richard Reed Parry from Arcade Fire performs songs from his new solo album Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1.

Richard Reed Parry’s musical resume is lengthy, having played as a core member of Arcade Fire since 2003, plus contributing to albums by the National, Bell Orchestre, Little Scream, Barr Brothers, Islands, and the Unicorns. This fall he released a new solo record Quiet River of Dust Vol. 1, inspired by Buddhist myths, death poems, British folk songs, and a recent trip to Japan.

“I’m lousy at sitting still and being nothing,” he says. “but being out in the natural world or being immersed in music is the meditation for me. That’s the heart of this record: the experience of transcending the place that you’re in, getting lost in the feeling of where you end and where the world begins, in a dreamlike world of music and thought.”