Here’s The Rick Astley / Bon Iver Mashup You Never Asked For

But here it is anyway

Take it from this writer, who had the absolute pleasure of watching the fifty-year old English crooner live in concert a few weeks ago, Rick Astley is an legendary performer who’s expansive 30 year career might surprise you.

Of course, what great artist isn’t defined by their one mega-hit, and there’s no denying Rick Astley will go down in the history books as one of the greatest trolls in the history of the internet, — who also happened to have some damn catchy tunes…But I digress.

Some lunatic by the name of DJ Cummerbund took the 1987 smash hit “Never Gunna Give You Up” and mashed it up with Holocene’s saudade track “Holocene”. Call up your best friend named Barb, because this is straight up the strangest thing you’re going to witness all day.