Ride-Hailing Company Lyft Could Expand to Canada by End of 2017

Uber could face some new competition soon

In the realm of transportation network companies, Uber currently holds a larger share of the international market over rival Lyft. That could change soon, according to a report from The Information. Lyft is reportedly looking to expand into Canada as soon as the end of this year.

Lyft currently only operates in the United States, while Uber operates in over 70 countries around the world. It’s an opportune time for Lyft to make a run at their rival as Uber has been weathered its share of criticism in recent months as CEO Travis Kalanick was forced out of his role earlier this summer.

According to reports, if Lyft’s potential expansion to Canada works out then they could seek to move into additional international markets such as the UK, Australia, and Mexico as well.