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Ride the Wave: 5 Best Bets at Wavelength 14

Celebrating its fourteenth year as Toronto’s premier concert series for underground and experimental music, Wavelength is back with another killer lineup of A-class indie talent.

Running from February 13 -16 at a handful of careful-selected Toronto venues, FOURTEEN features a diverse cast of local and international artists, several of whom seem poised for breakout success in 2014. And with Wavelength’s track record—they were early champions of Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, and Grimes, to name a few — it’s hard not to get excited.

Below are five bands to watch at this year’s Wavelength Music Festival.

1. Marnie Stern (New York): Though best known for her explosive style of fingertapping, it’s the energy that Stern brings to her exuberant live show that really warrants top billing here. Like some bizarre, Angus Lee – Dan Deacon lady-hybrid—where Marnie Stern goes, so goes the party.


2. Phèdre (Toronto): Made up of Hooded Fang frontman Daniel Lee and bassist April Aliermo, Phèdre is a genre-massacring blend of lo-fi,twee, post-punk, and disco. Since scoring a surprise 2012 hit with In Decay, the electro pop duo have only refined their weird vision.


3. Colin Stetson (Ann Arbor, Michigan): Like his contemporary Owen Pallett, Colin Stetson is a soloist with a background in classical music and an impressive resume as a studio musician (he’s collaborated with everyone from Tom Waits to Bon Iver). He also takes a similar to approach to his instrument, mining every inch of his saxophone for compelling, usable noise. The percussive clicking of pads over their holes, his own metrical breathing; everything about Stetson’s playing is purposeful, thrilling, and unique. If you want to see a virtuoso at the peak of his creative and technical ability, don’t miss this show.


4. Weaves (Toronto): Weaves may be new, but they’re already getting plenty of blog love thanks to their big riffs, and frantic, ear-catching melodies. It doesn’t hurt that they have Jasmyn Burke (formerly of Rattail) on the mic either. With all the fire of a young Karen O, she’s one of the most transfixing frontwomen in the city today. Woozy, rhythmic sludge pop that still manages to stay light on its feet.


5. DIANA (Toronto): DIANA make blissed-out, 80’s-tinged bedroom pop that’ll have you feeling nostalgic for a decade you didn’t even experience. After winning over many last year with Perpetual Surrender, their swirling, melancholic debut, all signs point to big things ahead for this local four piece.


All access passes go for $49 with individual concerts between $10 and $25.
More info about Wavelength Music Festival FOURTEEN here.

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