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Rina Sawayama announces new album ‘Hold The Girl’

Rina Sawayama has officially announced her new album, Hold The Girl, out September 2nd.

Her debut album, SAWAYAMA, truly made waves upon its release, leaving fans wanting more. Recently, Sawayama sent out cryptic leaflets to some fans, which read “Rina Is Going To Hell.” Just last Friday (May 13th) she played her last Dynasty Tour show, and now she’s announced her sophomore album, Hold The Girl, which is out later this year.

In honour of the announcement, Sawayama has shared a teaser for the record. The dramatic clip boasts snippets from the upcoming album. With brief, gritty VHS snapshots, Sawayama broodingly stars into the camera, as quick, yet enticing audio clips cycle through the 40-second trailer.

Watch the trailer for Hold The Girl below.

Back in November, Rina Sawayama debuted a new song called “Catch Me In The Air.” At a show in Glasgow, she debuted the soaring new track, which was inspired by her mom. During the show, Rina Sawayama also said that she’s finishing up work on her “even more personal” sophomore record.

“I wrote this song because, in these unprecedented times, I am touring my first record at the same time as finishing my second record,” Rina Sawayama explained of Hold The Girl. “I thought that the first record was really personal – and it was – but this new record is even more personal.”

“This song, I wrote it about my mum, who is a single mom,” Rina Sawayama continues. “You know how intense that relationship is – they feel like a sister or a brother. I felt throughout my life that my mum and I have caught each other when we’re falling.”

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