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Rivers Cuomo says Weezer has an album that’s inspired by Elliott Smith in the works

Despite releasing their new album OK Human last Friday, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is already teasing some new albums the band has in the works, including one inspired by Elliott Smith.

On Apple Music’s Strombo Show, Cuomo explained that Weezer has a four-LP concept inspired by the four seasons of the year.

“The next idea is a four album set, where each album corresponds to one of the four seasons,” Cuomo explains. “And then each album has a very different vibe and lyrical theme.”

The winter-themed album will see Weezer channeling “90s singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith,” Cuomo says, with “lots of loss and despair and kind of quiet.”

Additionally, Weezer will create some “breezy island” type of acoustic music for a spring album, and a “dance rock” fall album, likely inspired by acts like Franz Ferdinand.

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