Rivers Cuomo tried to start a metal band before forming Weezer

Cuomo talked about his previous group Sixty Wrong Sausages

Rivers Cuomo has revealed that he almost formed a metal band instead of fronting Weezer.

In a recent interview with Kerrang, Cuomo talked about his previous group Sixty Wrong Sausages and how they were originally going to make metal music.

“I was always in bands growing up, when I was in school and when I first moved to LA,” Cuomo explains. “In those days I was almost anti-punk: I did not like punk music, or the whole punk aesthetic. My attitude was pretty much exclusively metal: practice your scales, your arpeggios, use a metronome and don’t play sloppy. I was anti-nihilist, really.”

“Then I got a job at Tower Records where I met this guy named Pat Finn who was 100 percent punk,” Cuomo continued. “He had a shaved head, he’d try to grab your testicles, he’d try to get the boss to hit him and he’d listen to punk bands like Black Flag, that I didn’t know anything about.”

This then exposed Cuomo to new kinds of music, which made him want to branch out from “heavy music.”

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