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Robert Pattinson has been ‘making ambient electronic music’ in the Batsuit

In a new interview with GQ, Robert Pattinson has said that he made “ambient electronic music” in the Batsuit.

In the new interview, Pattinson revealed that he’s been making music in his downtime on set.

“The set, on the outskirts of London, manifested as a ‘bubble within a bubble,” Pattinson tells GQ. “And the nature of the shoot was so kind of insular, always shooting at night, just really dark all the time, and I felt very much alone. Even just being in the suit all the time. You’re not really allowed out of the studio with the suit on, so I barely knew what was going on at all outside.”

He then went on to explain that he donned the Batsuit the entire time. The GQ passage reads:

“They built him a little tent off to the side of the set where he could go to decompress. And mostly he would pass the time getting weird in the bat suit. ‘I’d be in the tent just making ambient electronic music in the suit, looking over the cowl. There’s something about the construction of the cowl that makes it very difficult to read books, so you have to kind of almost lean forward to see out of the cowl.”

Read the GQ feature in full here.

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The Batman is out in theatres on March 4th.

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