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Robert Smith explains how family tragedy influenced dark undertones of The Cure’s new album

The Cure frontman Robert Smith has opened up about the loss of his mother, father and brother, and how that loss has influenced him heavily as a musician. Smith has shared that the tragedy of loss in his life has influenced and shaped the darkness in The Cure’s new album, which has a working title of Live from the Moon.

Smith had told NME that the band was looking to finish their “merciless” new album in 2019, and revealed that the new songs had been shaped by his “experience of life’s darker side.”

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Smith explained that the band looking to complete the album and have discussed how the lyrics have been shaped by family tragedy. “We’re going back in [the studio] three days after we get back from Pasadena for me to try and finish the vocals, which is, as ever, what’s holding up the album, I keep going back over and redoing them, which is silly,” Smith explained. “At some point, I have to say that’s it.”

“It’s very much on the darker side of the spectrum. I lost my mother and my father and my brother recently, and obviously, it had an effect on me. It’s not relentlessly doom and gloom. It has soundscapes on it, like Disintegration, I suppose. I was trying to create a big palette, a big wash of sound,” Smith continued. “The working title was Live From the Moon, because I was enthralled by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing in the summer. We had a big moon hanging in the studio and lunar-related stuff lying around. I’ve always been a stargazer.”

As of now, there is no release date for Live from the Moon.

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