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Robert Smith shares update on forthcoming album from The Cure

Frontman Robert Smith has shared an update on The Cure’s forthcoming album.

Taking to Twitter in all caps, Smith revealed that The Cure will be performing tracks from the highly anticipated record next time they play a show.

“We will be performing songs from a new album when we next play…or we won’t be playing at all,” Robert Smith writes. “And I really want to play…so that means…”


He then went on to say, “It means my desire to release a new album is overwhelming!”


In July of 2020, The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell opened up about the album as well. He said that it would “be an amazing record, I just suggest a little patience.”

In an interview with Classic Pop, O’Donnell shared details about what to expect from the new album from The Cure. “Four years ago, I said to Robert, ‘We have to make one more record,’” O’Donnell explains. “‘It has to be the most intense, saddest, most dramatic and most emotional record we’ve ever made, and then we can just walk away from it.’ He agreed. Listening to the demos, it is that record.”

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