Take A Minute To Appreciate These Robots Failing at Skiing

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We’ve seen our fair share of robots completing superhuman tasks in the last couple months, enough that we could be convinced they are primed and ready to take over at any moment. But, it appears as though robotics isn’t quite as advanced as we thought it was.

Watching the footage of skiing robots will help you breathe a little easier, and will probably have you beside yourself in laughter.

A the Robot Ski Challenge competition in South Korea (which is literally miles away from where the actual winter Olympics are being held currently), a group of robotics teams faced off to see who could build a robot that can navigate its way down a bunny hill. The requirements stated that each robot had to stand on two legs, operate on its own power supply and remain under 20-inches tall.

While some made it to the bottom of the hill, many of these machines couldn’t even make it a few feet down the hill. Watch below and laugh at the robots failures, while you still can.