Rock Star Mantyhose

A look back at the rockstars who started the man-leggings trend

What did you think of Anthony Kiedis’ under-the-shorts “meggings” at the Superbowl? Turns out they’re “internet” leggings by designer Jeremy Scott, and since man-leggings are nothing new let’s check out some of the frontmen who have rocked mantyhose in the past:

Mick Jagger

The 80’s were a wild and crazy time, and Mick needed a stretchy material to pull off those onstage jumps and lunges.

Axl Rose

While often partial to spandex shorts highlighting his man-bulge, even Axl had to cover up a little more when the weather cooled off.

Freddie Mercury

As one of the “greatest singers of all time” Freddie couldn’t have his breathing constricted by his clothing – a checkered spandex unitard with bare chest was just what the doctor ordered.

David Bowie

During the Ziggy Stardust era in 1972-73 Bowie perfected the androgynous look. He later explained “My whole personality was affected. I really did have doubts about my sanity.”

David Lee Roth

Van Halen put on a high energy show back in the day so the last thing they’d want is to rip out of their pants doing the splits.


Diamond Rings

On his latest album Free Dimensional John looks more Max Headroom than glam rock, but we’re sure he still has lots of leggings in his closet.